Friday, September 25, 2009

Sustainability within a Massage Practice.
What does being a sustainable Massage Practice mean to me?

A sustainable massage practice to me means to build a successful business without causing a negative effect on the planet and creating a positive image for massage therapy. Sustainability includes environmental, social and economic aspects and as a therapist I believe you have to incorporate these three principles of sustainability into a modern business to eliminate wastage and improve on the state the environment is currently in.

What would you do to achieve this?

Environmentally: Achieving sustainability within my own practice I would address environmental issues initially by researching the power company I use and choosing a company that makes a point of running their power stations environmentally greener and more efficiently. This will cover my daily use of lighting/heating needed to operate a practice. I have found a more resourceful approach to drying sheets/towels and other materials needed daily in a practice by hanging it on a washing line or rack overnight also made faster by using sheets and polar fleece blankets instead of towels to minimise drying time. Energy efficient light bulbs are a worth while option for a practice, some of which can save up to 75% of energy then regular bulbs, however trying to make the most of natural light during day time hours is even better. Timers and thermostats on heating devices will stop overheating a room and save you in the long run on power.

Socially: To attain social sustainability I would be interested in developing networks with other like minded individuals to discuss and act on changing current habits and attitudes of larger companies on relevant aspects of their business, for example over packaging products they send out, or the materials they use to package their products. Forming these bonds with other healthcare professionals in the community opens up additional opportunities to obtain advice and refer clients to, effectively broadening your service and their overall care. Also by looking after myself and employees health and well being I will create a healthier and happier atmosphere where clients will feel calmer and relaxed on entering, passing this along to people they meet or come into contact with when they leave the premises.

Economically: To ensure my business builds economic growth I will have an effective business plan in place. A business plan that combines environmental and social aspects that looks after my client and employee’s health and comfort, but also my own. I will continue to look carefully at choosing longer lasting products, and make certain I provide a genuine caring service at all times, so I can form a lasting and profitable business within my community.

McQuillan, D. Elluminate. Sustainable Practice. September the 23rd 2009. Professional Practice.
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